The King of Denmark (k8)

Thursday 28th June, 23:00

Program Notes

Morton Feldman wanted to explore the lowest dynamic range of percussion instruments and entitled his piece The King of Denmark. This alluded to the story of Christian X, king at the time of the German invasion of 1940. He is said to have worn a yellow star of David and walked the streets. A quiet protest, said Feldman.

Another Danish king closely linked to Norway is Christian IV. He gave our capital its former name, was a voluptuous man and had 24 children – beating J.S. Bach by 2. He played several musical instruments and clearly had a good mind for music. In his service for some years was no less a figure than John Dowland, the great singer/songwriter of the day. Among the works he wrote while he was in Copenhagen are the Lachrimae or Seven Tears, for strings and lute. We’re talking here about beautiful tristesse, blue feelings. All seven of them will be played, interspersed with short pieces of a similar mood.


morton feldman / the king of denmark (1964)
colin currie, percussion

rolf wallin / elegy (2009)
håkan hardenberger, trumpet
andreas borregaard, accordeon

bent sørensen / looking on darkness (2000)
andreas borregaard, accordeon

john dowland / 7 lachrymae pavans (1604)
danish string quartet
lars anders tomter,
andreas borregaard, accordeon

john dowland / 2 airs: ´flow my tears´ and  ´if my complaints´
aksel rykkvin, baritone
andreas borregaard, accordeon

benjamin britten / lacrymae, op.43 (1976)
lars anders tomter, viola

the program may be subject to change