The Most Beautiful Thing in Life (k7)

Thursday 28th June, 21:00

Program Notes

Schumann’s Dichterliebe, set to texts by Heine, are surely some of the most heartfelt of human emotions ever put down on paper. And doubtless many are excited about and looking forward to hearing our young tenor star Bror Magnus Tødenes lift the material from the paper once more to soar about the room. 

Where does one go after the piano has spun its last meditation on the poet’s yearnings and anguishes over love? Schubert’s sublime String Quintet is a worthy next step from earth to heaven.

There’ll be another premiere by our esteemed festival composer. For this occasion, his Romance has been specially transcribed by himself for trumpet and piano. A finely tuned and sensitive prelude to Schumann.


bent sørensen / romance 
håkan hardenberger, trumpet
katrine gislinge, piano

robert schumann / dichterliebe, op.48 
bror magnus tødenes, tenor
piers lane, piano

franz schubert / string quintet in c, d.956
danish string quartet
sandra lied haga, cello

the program may be subject to change