Between Classics

One of the things we notice time and time again is how much audiences appreciate being brought closer to the artists. When a musician talks from the stage it immediately gives another dimension and a relaxed atmosphere. It´s not only what they say, which hopefully is very interesting, but also the fact that they say something at all(!), showing us that they´re really just like us! Our musicians will be doing lots of this at Fjord Classics. 

BC collage.jpeg

Another thing we notice is the after-concert aura. People often go backstage to thank the musicans if they know them - friends, family, students, etc. But here´s the thing: Musicians LOVE being thanked after a concert - by anyone. So at Fjord Classics we´re going to bring you together: Between the first two concerts each day (at 18:00 and 21:00), Hotel Atlantic will host an informal gathering where audience and musicians can meet, have a drink, a bite to eat and a chat. Atlantic is just 100m from the church so we think it´s the ideal place to mingle and relax  between the concerts. 

We want to bring music lovers and musicians close together, that is part of what a festival is about. Welcome then to Between Classics, from 19:30 each day at Hotel Atlantic!