Andreas Borregaard / accordion

WHO? - My name is Andreas Borregaard. I play the classical accordion. The accordion is an instrument that few people link to classical music.

So maybe I’m not really a classical musician. Maybe I’m simply a musician. Or maybe I’m an artist – after all, classical music is nothing but an amazing art form that has existed for more than 1000 years.

I decided to become a musician after an overwhelming experience. It was during my first years at the music academy in Copenhagen, it was whilst working on a piece by the Danish composer Bent Sørensen, at a time when I was still uncertain of where I was going in my life. But after I truly felt what music was all about, I didn’t really look back.

The feeling of reaching the core of music still makes me blushingly happy. And it seems to be the highest privilege to share this feeling with other people.

WHY? - Because music can make us completely forget about Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a brief – but remarkably strong – moment. If you are mesmerized by sound, you cannot at the same time consider how to post an update about it.

The very essence of a musical experience is not reflective. It is a self-forgetting, here-and-now phenomenon. Being touched by music means forgetting yourself and becoming part of an intimate exchange of physical emotions from one human being to another – from the musician to the listener.

This exchange is what inspires me. Trying to find the best performative way to establish and strengthen it is my goal. I might have to break a couple of traditional classical music-paradigms to get there – but isn’t that what any art form does to stay alive?

Andreas ´s Fjord Classics Performances:

Opening Concert
Tuesday, 18:00


Sei solo
Wednesday, 23:00


Autumn Air
Thursday, 18:00

HENRY PURCELL / ´song of the cold genius´ FRom KING ARTHUR (1691)

The King of Denmark
Thursday, 23:00

rolf wallin / elegy (2009)
bent sørensen / looking on darkness (2000)
john dowland / 7 lachrymae pavans (1604)
john dowland / 2 airs: ´flow my tears´ and  ´if my complaints´

Friday, 18:00

luciano berio / sequenza XIII (chanson) (1995)

Friday, 18:00

bent sørensen / disappearance